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Track: Q
Artist: Sou
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Track: ロストワンの号哭
Artist: SiNs
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Lost One no Goukoku (original rock arrange) - SiNs

Original - Neru

Track: サイバーサンダーサイダー
Artist: 美麗
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here are the 3 goods that mafu is going to sell at natsucomi!! ITS SUPER CUTE im screeching somebody gift me These ( ‘﹃’⑉)

click here to listen to his recent namahousou (he was talking about these and also the recent COF live)

click here if u wanna order these cha chings


come make a deal with businessman mafu he’ll give you many good services (・ิω・ิ)


i couldn’t watch the whole thing ww  but i made it until around 36mins when soraru died and it was game over… i guess they started all over again since there’s more than an hour more

who’s who:

until 30:55

Kirby - kashitaro | King Dedede - amatsuki | Waddle Dee - soraru | Meta Knight - mafumafu


kashitaro and soraru switched because kashitaro sucked being kirby then everything got better wwww

+ most of the time everyone’s just shouting "kAAby!" "OI!" and "aAbunai!!"

there was a point when about three of them almost died and when they healed each other they made noises like the queen of the night

+ and whenever they left something important out (like a power-up or key) they let kirby die so they could redo everything again

+ it was fun. if you’re up to the challenge, watch everything ww

らいる's Official Tumblr ! ! ! →



Rairu’s (らいる) Tumblr ! !! ! !

【AiZe】Right now 踊ってみさせて頂いた【アイズ】 
"Wait, is he wearing a dress?"
【AiZe】Right now 踊ってみさせて頂いた【アイズ】 
"Why is Ryo standing in the front? Is it because he is short? "

Ry☆ is an adorable babe. 

{Pictures taken from Ry☆’s Twitter}

Info_Musumen: Sendai, thank you for the Utsunomiya performance! We will do our best as we approach the end of our tour. 

Take a quick look at the jacket photo shooting from a few days ago

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